The pieces selected in this portfolio reflect the wide range of communication formats and audiences I have encountered throughout my career. Daniel J. Boorstin, the renowned historian, had suggested writers enter their craft to discover what they think. I agree. These selections span years of professional and personal learning. Whether as a journalist, publicist, corporate writer, educator or literary scholar, each professional foray has sharpened my critical thinking while proving my adaptability. The consistent thread among them is an appreciation for strong, clear, and results-driven narrative to provoke thought and action.

Every piece of honest writing contains this tacit message: ‘I wrote this because it’s important; I want you to read it; I’ll stand by it.’

John R. Trimble

News Releases

Team Sea to See – Wrap for a Cause

“Autism Sweets” FOCUS Center for Autism

Ability Beyond New Talent for New Year

Talking Points

“Fresh Face for a New Year” at Hudson iHeartRadio (30 minute program)

“Wrap for a Cause Plays Matchmaker” at TV WFSB Weekend Morning (8 minute interview)

Campaign Strategy

“Stand by Me” Capital Gains Drive: FOCUS Center for Autism

Social Media

“Stand by Me” Facebook post

Personal Instagram post – “Redeployment”

Personal Instagram post – “The Last Days of Café Leila”

Corporate Communication

Below are two samples from the Hospital of Central Connecticut Patient Bill of Rights and Directory. In 2013, under the direction of the Marketing and Communications Manager, I wrote and edited copy anticipating patient needs and questions in an accessible and organized print format.

Maternity – Patient Support

Visiting Hours

Scholarly Research

Healing Theory

“Starbuck: The Tragedy of a ‘Valour-Ruined Man’”