About me

I believe literature – and all the humanities – have the capacity to enlarge our world-view, strengthen our resolve, inspire our compassion to serve others in the community, and spark innovation so we may be practical problem-solvers and critical thinkers.

Language sets the tone to how we think and how we view the world. My goal is to return to a more thoughtful, measured way of debating issues so that true communication and day-to-day solutions may be found. (A difficult, though not impossible task in the rapid-fire, gut-reactive era of social media). Modes of communication may have changed, but the human capacity to damage or create has not. It is my intention to provide examples of the latter, so that we may more effectively emulate and construct the future we all aspire to achieve.

Please review a brief synopsis of my thesis, Healing Theory, for a more in-depth understanding of my motivation.

Thank you.